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Agency Financial Management offers part-time CFO services that can provide a number of benefits to your agency. A part-time CFO allows your agency access to a CFO’s expertise and experience without the need to commit to a full-time hire.

A part-time CFO can provide valuable guidance on financial strategy and decision-making, helping your agency to achieve its financial goals and grow sustainably.

Our Part-Time CFO Services

Strategic Financial Planning

Agency Financial Management will develop your agency plan. We have years of experience creating long-term plans for managing agency finances to help reach goals and objectives.

Annual budgeting & Forecasting

At Agency Financial Management we have perfected Annual budgeting and forecasting to involve projecting future revenues, expenses, and cash flows, and then allocating resources based on those projections for your agency.

Cash Flow Analysis & Management

At AFM we know the best processes for monitoring, analyzing, and optimizing the flow of cash into and out of an agency. Effective cash flow management ensures that your agency has sufficient cash on hand to meet its obligations, invest in new projects, and maintain operations.

Resource/Capacity Planning

We offer professional resource/capacity planning so that your agency can identify the resources needed to achieve your agency’s goals and objectives and allocate them effectively.

Contract Reviews & Negotiations

Contact reviewing and negotiations require expertise, something Agency Financial Management has decades of! We can help with MSA, SLA’s, vendor agreements, consultant agreements, Insurance contracts, and much more!

Organizational Infrastructure Design

The process of creating a structure that enables your agency to achieve its goals and objectives efficiently and effectively is crucial to the growth of your agency. At AFM we have the knowledge and experience to design the framework for your agency’s policies, procedures, workflows, and communication channels.

Capital Raising Services

We have built relationships with investment banks, financial advisors, and other financial institutions to assist your agency in raising capital. If your agency is seeking to raise funds for growth, expansion, or other strategic purposes, we can help!

What Our Clients Are Saying

“AFM truly embodies a client-first mentality. Their ability to produce accurate monthly financial statements in a timely manner has been such a valuable tool for us while growing our business and raising capital”.


CEO, Tech Company

“AFM helped automate our entire AP/AR process by utilizing the latest technology. Their ability to customize workflows that work for smaller companies has made the world of the difference with our finances”.


Founder, PR Consulting Firm

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Does An Outsourced CFO Do?

An outsourced or part-time CFO serves the same purpose as a full-time CFO but at a lower cost. These services offer customized financial solutions and can act as either a short-term problem solver or a long-term strategic advisor, depending on the needs of your business. An outsourced CFO is a cost-effective way to access the expertise of a CFO without the full-time commitment.

How Much Does An Outsourced CFO Service Cost?

The cost of an outsourced CFO service can vary greatly based on the business’s specific needs. On average, fractional CFOs charge around $300-$350 per hour, leading to monthly costs ranging from $6,000 to $12,000, or annual costs between $72,000 and $144,000.

Compared to the typical cost of a full-time CFO, which is approximately $300,000 to $400,000 per year including bonuses, benefits, equity, and overhead, an outsourced CFO offers a more cost-effective option for small businesses who do not require a full-time CFO. This allows them to access strategic financial advice without incurring the full cost of a full-time hire.

When Should I Hire A CFO?

When you face financial questions that your current accounting or bookkeeping resources cannot answer, it may be time to seek high-level financial advice from a CFO. A CFO can help you make important financial decisions such as expanding into new markets or acquiring another business. They can also help you improve your business processes to handle growth and support you in special financial projects such as capital raising. With their specialized knowledge, industry connections, and understanding of what investors look for, a CFO will guide you through the entire process, from creating a roadmap to delivering your pitch.

What Are The Benefits Of Working With An Outsourced CFO?

An important benefit of working with an outsourced CFO is their ability to bring a fresh perspective and objectivity to your financial operations. They can identify areas for improvement and recommend new strategies to help you reach your financial goals. Additionally, they have experience working with a variety of businesses, which can provide you with valuable insights and industry best practices.

Finally, working with an outsourced CFO can be especially beneficial for small businesses that may not have the resources to hire a full-time CFO. With an outsourced CFO, you can access high-level financial expertise on a part-time basis, which can help you take your business to the next level.

Are CFO's Usually Accountants?

Our CFOs are experienced professionals with a broad range of financial knowledge and expertise. They bring years of experience working with various companies and industries, and they understand the unique challenges and opportunities facing small to mid-sized businesses. With the support of an outsourced CFO, you can benefit from the same level of financial guidance as larger organizations, without breaking the bank. Whether you need long-term strategic support or a one-time project, our CFOs can help you reach your goals and achieve your vision.