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Strategic Initiatives that drive growth through financial transactions
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At Agency Financial Management, we have extensive experience on both the buying and selling sides of transactions, which makes us well-equipped to provide valuable strategic and tactical M&A services at every stage of the process.

Our Services

Company Valuations

We offer sound and professionally executed assessments and valuation services of organizational assets, cash flow and operating performance. These valuations can be formal or informal and useful in various corporate transaction and restructuring settings.

Agency Roll-Ups

We lead the M&A process to achieve optimal results. We identify potential partners and buyers, structure transactions, analyze valuations, negotiate purchase prices and manage the due diligence process. We also oversee post-merger transitions.

Acquiring an Agency

We build and maintain relationships with stakeholders throughout the M&A process. We work with creditors, equity holders, lenders, board committees and members to ensure that all parties are informed, engaged, and treated fairly, professionally, and respectfully.

Exit Planning

We collaborate with you to explore strategic alternatives, develop business plans, and identify operational risks and opportunities. We also assist with securing the necessary human capital to manage implementation.

Selling An Agency

At Agency Financial Management we have years of experience helping agency owners sell their agencies. We can guide you through the entire process making selling your agency stress-free.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

“AFM truly embodies a client-first mentality. Their ability to produce accurate monthly financial statements in a timely manner has been such a valuable tool for us while growing our business and raising capital”.


CEO, Tech Company

“AFM helped automate our entire AP/AR process by utilizing the latest technology. Their ability to customize workflows that work for smaller companies has made the world of the difference with our finances”.


Founder, PR Consulting Firm

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Are Merger's & Acquisitions Services?

Some companies specialize in identifying targets and executing mergers and acquisitions, while others concentrate on providing financial support or establishing a global network for brokering deals. Agency Financial Management, we offer full support as your strategic advisor throughout the entire process. We address any issues, communicate with relevant parties, and handle all business, diligence, and financial aspects of the transaction.

What Is The Merger & Acquisition Process?

Assessing your agency’s strengths and weaknesses before embarking on a merger and acquisition is critical. It’s important to understand what makes you a desirable acquisition target or potential partner and what steps you need to take to make your business more appealing and prepare for a potential transaction. This may include raising capital, among other things.

Once you feel ready, which involves having clear objectives, plans, and due diligence materials in place, work with an advisor to create a list of targets and arrange meetings.

Finally, a multitude of tasks must be carried out once a match for your company is found. Mergers and acquisitions involve negotiations, legal agreements, restructuring, and the integration of operations. It’s a complex process that requires expertise, making the prior experience extremely valuable.

How Much Do Merger And Acquisition Services Cost?

Merger and acquisition fees can vary greatly depending on your level of readiness and the type of arrangement you wish to pursue.